Ferrari 288

The Ferrari 288, also known as the Ferrari 288 GTO, is a similar vehicle to the infamous 308 GTB model produced by Ferrari.

The Ferrari 288 was manufactured from 1984 – 1987, and designed by Nicola Materazzi (Chief Engineer) and Leonardo Fioravanti at Pininfarina in the Maranello factory designated rand Turismo and Omologata.

A total of 272 models of the 288 were produced in the 4 years of operation.

Features of the 288 GTO were first displayed on a 308 GTB design exercise by Pininfarina shown at the 1977 Geneva Auto Salon.

In 2004 the “Sports Car International” named this car number two on the list of “Top Sports Cars of the 1980s” closely behind Porche’s model “959”.


Some aspects that the Ferrari 288 GTO carries have been displayed on a previous design of the Ferrari 308 GTB. This was first displayed at the 1977 Geneva Auto Salon by Pininfarina.

The 288 started as a modified version of the 308 and also the 328 model, but once the vehicle was fully finished being designed, it contained mostly all unique parts. 

The reviews left by loyal Ferrari customers were outstanding as everyone was overwhelmed with the comfortability and the driveability of the 388 model.

the engine

The 2.8 Litre V8 engine that the 288 GTO utilises has immense power and strength to push the car to a top speed of 304 km/h. 

The 2855 cc V8 motor is mounted longitudinally which gives the vehicle more trunk space, this was a necessary upgrade for the automobile as it makes room for twin turbo chargers and intercoolers.

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Ferrari 288 Facts

The Ferrari 5288 has a top speed of 304 km/h.

The Ferrari 288 has a V8  2.8 Litre Engine that displaces 2927 cc.

The Ferrari 288 has 2 seats for passengers to sit in.




2.9L V8


Unitary displacement

Total displacement

2855 cc

Compression ratio

Maximum power

400 PS

Power per litre

Maximum torque

496 Nm



Front suspension

Rear suspension



5-speed manual


Fuel tank

Front tyres

Rear tyres




4290 mm


1910 mm


1120 mm


2450 mm

Front track

Rear track


1160 kg


Top speed

304 km/h

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

5.1 seconds

Acceleration 0-200 km/h

16.3 seconds

0-1000 m

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