Ferrari Service & Repairs

Ferrari service & repairs

Cavallino Motorsport is a specialist in Ferrari service and repairs based in Sydney, Australia. With over 20 years experience providing superior servicing of Ferrari & Maserati.

Our specialist workshop is staffed with highly experienced technicians utilising advanced repair equipment. We offer world class full service for all Ferrari and Maserati models right here in Sydney.

Over many years of working on just about every model of Ferrari & Maserati, including many rare cars, we have built up a considerable library of reference books, technical manuals, parts manuals and factory workshop manuals for almost every post 60’s Ferrari.

We have developed many techniques for making some of the older cars more reliable without compromising originality. It’s impossible to discuss originality without knowing what the cars should look like in the first place and for that, there is no substitute for experience and knowledge.

need help with your ferrari parts order?

need help with your ferrari parts order?

call our sales team on: +612 9905 3654